La soumission de SAFAE BENAABIDATE est en anglais, Prière de changer l'option de la langue en haut à droite. Bamba and Modjadji are two siblings from Africa who were cast in a series called "the world had enough" on Fox news and the only thing that I could remember is how they had the most beautiful features in the whole world yet, their beauty was dimmed by how slender they were and wretched faces. As they explained during the interview with a grieved voice but with sparkling eyes, that all they wanted was a better life for their community and unselfishly for the rest of the world, but all the world has to do is to listen to what they had to say.

But when the reporter heard what they said, he laughed with a smirk, thanked them heartily and carelessly ended the interview.

As I am a very curious person, I went to talk to the reporter for a chance to give me their information so that I can reach to them, which he did. So I started writing emails to them to know what they wanted to say during that interview. After a lot of attempts to get a reply, I received a letter that says :

" Dear Safae,
We want to start this letter by expressing our appreciation and gratitude because you tried to reach us during these difficult times. Maybe of our coloured faces or perhaps he didn’t care about what we had to say, all we wanted from him was to hear us and eventually to be heard by the world as we are all concerned.

Fortunately, the words we wanted to say on that interview were put into action after a lot of hard work, we realized that we couldn’t do anything without a help from the outside. All we had to do is to chip on to pay the companies that helped us all along the way to secure our future.

Thanks to the gem mine that our community possess, we started making jewels which sold pretty good in the market. In addition, each member of the community had a craft, whether it was making hand bags, carpets or hats, every penny was counted as important during the process.

Before we started anything, we knew that water is essential for life, so to end hunger we had to build wells for watering plants and for us to drink clean water.

After that, we started planting seeds that grow all different kinds of vegetables, fruits and herbs. Throughout the process, a lot of workshops took place in our community to diagnose frequent problems encountered for innovative solutions so that way not only we did end hunger but also increased our economy.

Then, we started building farms where we can feed cows, chickens and goats so that our community can get a proper nutrition.
We started building warehouses, so when winter came, all we had to do is to consume our food storage.

By the end of the process, every house in our community was provided by a small garden accompanied with a well, that way families were self-sufficient economically and nutritionally.

The purpose of this letter was to share our solutions with countries that suffer from hunger and the most important thing is trusting the process because at the end it’s worth it…

Truly yours,

Bamba and Modjadji