La soumission de Yassine EDDAHANI est en anglais, Prière de changer l'option de la langue en haut à droite. In a rural village of Kenya, named Nabaji , it’s not common for mothers to wait weeks or even months to name their newborn babies . Too often their infants won’t survive long enough to hold a name. Their fortune turned very bad. They began to starve to death and famine fell upon them like great plagues, swiftly and without rest. In overnight people’s bodies began changing into horrible shapes.

Bomba Is a young boy from the village. He dropped out of school since he was a child. He had always dreamed of helping and contributing to the welfare of his village and country. Ironically, Bomba’s story of tremendous engineering achievement begins with him being kicked out of school. He started a program of rigorous self-education in science and English.

He saved his town from famine by constructing new machines to provide water and electricity. When the invention became a success, he produces more and more. Thanks to his accomplishment, entrepreneurs stepped up to finance his education giving him the opportunity to apply to a well-known school in Kenya, later he got his master’s degree from an American university. He became a prolific investor who made a huge impact not only on his town but on his country as well. setting up many businesses in his town and country and provided the opportunity to several families to make a living.

Modjadji who was the closest friend to bomba in school. After graduating, she started her new business. She has an incubation company which look for cheaper ways of increasing Crop productivity in areas with frequent droughts, land degradation, and low fertility. She sent a team to Bomba’s village to discover and explore its resources in order to create and open new doors for the community. People are suffering from hunger that invade the town, cold, they don’t have the necessary requirements in their daily life and most of children abandoned school because it’s far away from the village.

Overtime, the team began to notice that the village had some particular privileges as the snow, a chain of mountains with overwhelming heights, large lands to cultivate and a beautiful natural lake. So, they suggested
the projects to many investors to create areas that attract tourist for vacation or recreation. That included a skiing station and several inns as ecological and touristic assets allowing a panoramic view of the village and its natural resources. Thanks to the successful projects that were created by Bomba and his friends and the natural resources that exist in the village, many rich people came to invest in the town benefiting from support of the public authorities.

There was planting of trees in order to decrease land degradation and enhance ecosystem through producing cereal and even poultry farming .
Bomba’s story is incredible, showing how despite all challenges and setbacks, his determination drove him to find a solution that could be replicated by other communities. His story has inspiring many Kenyan people to pursue their own dreams and use them for the common good.

“The only way to escape from the prison of fear and poverty is action.”